I'm Back (again)!!

Hello!  I know I haven't been on in a little over a year, but I'm going to try to keep a more regular schedule.  Anyway, I've been playing a couple more games recently (most of which are on my Xbox 360 that I got on Christmas in 2012), and I'd like to record them, but one of them is on my new computer (a Toshiba Satellite equipped with Windows 8) and I don't have Fraps to record it (that game is Minecraft).  Also, something to note, we peaked at the highest number of views on my birthday!  So, that's always fun to see.  And I'd better get going, because it's 8:00 on a Sunday, and that means it's video editing time!  Goodbye!  :)

EDIT:  I've got a Minecraft texture pack, but it's not on my new computer yet.  Once I get it on here, I'll be sure to post a download.  The pack is called HeroCraft.  Read up on Herobrine on the Minecraft Wiki, and you'll find out about what I mean by "Herobrine is watching you..." on the picture things.

Note:  The website on here is fake.  I was just playing around with Paint.

EDIT (again):  HeroCraft is being updated to 1.6!  You can get the prerelease soon!


I've Lost My Mind!!

I usually post videos on Hurricane Nathan's Video Spot, but this time I'll make an exception.  It's a video I call, Hut.

This was taken with my iPod Touch.

Christmas Is Almost Here!!

I am so hyped about Mario Kart 7!  I just CANNOT believe it's coming tommorow.

Anyway, I also can't wait for my "Santa" gift.  I previously thought it was Mario Kart 7, but mom announced to me that it was not.  Mario Kart 7 may be the only gift I know about (I might've heard about a camcorder like camera, but it could be my #1 birthday gift).
Trevor (TornadoTrevor) is getting a "Santa" gift, too!  I already know what it is, but in case he reads this, I'm not telling you what it is.

Oh, I also have a logo for a website called
Despite the Japanese letters, I am not Japanese as you already know.