Christmas Is Almost Here!!

I am so hyped about Mario Kart 7!  I just CANNOT believe it's coming tommorow.

Anyway, I also can't wait for my "Santa" gift.  I previously thought it was Mario Kart 7, but mom announced to me that it was not.  Mario Kart 7 may be the only gift I know about (I might've heard about a camcorder like camera, but it could be my #1 birthday gift).
Trevor (TornadoTrevor) is getting a "Santa" gift, too!  I already know what it is, but in case he reads this, I'm not telling you what it is.

Oh, I also have a logo for a website called
Despite the Japanese letters, I am not Japanese as you already know.


Mario Kart 7 Basics

This is about how to control on Mario Kart 7 and what the tracks are.

Basically,  read what's on the 3DS.  Giant picture too!  :oD
And the tracks:

Mushroom Cup:
Toad Circuit

Daisy Hills

Cheep Cheep Cape (Cheep Cheep Lagoon)

Shy Guy Bazzar (Shy Guy Carnival)

Flower Cup:
Wuhu Loop (Wuhu Island Loop)

Mario Circuit

Music Park (Melody Motorway)

Rock Rock Mountain (Alpine Pass)

Star Cup:
Piranha Plant Slide (Piranha Plant Pipeway)

Wario's Shipyard (Wario's Galleon)

Neo-Bowser City (Koopa City)

Maka Wuhu (Wuhu Mountain Loop)

Special Cup:
DK Jungle

Rosalina's Ice World

Bowser's Castle

Rainbow Road

Shell Cup:
N64 Luigi Raceway

GBA Bowser Castle 1

Wii Mushroom Gorge

DS Luigi's Mansion

Banana Cup:
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach

SNES Mario Circuit 2

Wii Coconut Mall

DS Waluigi Pinball

Leaf Cup:
N64 Kalamari Desert

DS DK Pass

GCN Daisy Cruiser

Wii Maple Treeway

Lightning Cup:
Wii Koopa Cape

GCN Dino Dino Jungle

DS Airship Fortress

SNES Rainbow Road

This is it for now.
After Christmas, check in for more info!


"It's Been a Long Time" (quote from Portal 2 trailer)

I was gone for a long time because, I forgot my password and I've been into Mario Kart Wii.  I might be gone yet again because on Christmas, I'm getting Mario Kart 7, a game for the 3DS that I have been waiting for since June when it was confirmed.

Oh, if you have a 3DS and Mario Kart 7, feel free to join my clan called Unbeatable!
Available to join on Dec. 25 2011!!

If you have Mario Kart Wii, you can join this clan called Nintendo Masters.